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Hailing from Washington, D.C., jazz drummer Tony Addison presents Relentless Pursuit, an album of his jazz originals performed in the company of Odradek artist, pianist William Knowles (‘Native Speaker’, ODRCD523), Dave Marsh on bass, Frankie Addison on saxophones, trumpeters Michael Thomas and Michael Fitzhugh, and trombonist Reginal Cyntje. These songs express both Addison’s drive – his relentless pursuit of the desire to communicate his rich musical ideas, and his laid-back side, evoking relaxation with food and friends. Inspired by his unwavering passion for jazz, the power of music to inspire, and the support of his loved ones, this is an album that transcends boundaries and speaks to listeners of all backgrounds. Tony’s dedication to his craft shines through in every note, as well as his joy, rhythm and soul — a relentless groove in pursuit of happiness. When Tony Addison was a child, he was running through the house when something stopped him in his tracks: there was someone on TV who looked like him – a Black man – playing the drums. Tony was struck by how cool the man looked in his white suit, and the seed of an idea started to grow, taking root and bearing fruit in his own stellar career as a jazz drummer. Tony Addison has performed with Dizzy Gillespie, Stanley Turrentine, Webster Young and Freddie and Lionel Cole, among others, and has performed for various U.S. presidents and at Blues Alley, the Kennedy Center, Metro Stage, Studio Theatre and Anacostia Playhouse.


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